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Saturday, June 25, 2016

5 Ways on How to Look Dewy Under your Makeup

You can actually beat your face and still look fresh and radiant under your makeup! There's a few ways you can achieve this successfully. So you might start to notice that your foundation is making your skin look dry, caked up and weird. These are the typical results of a powder foundation. Now ladies I'm not trying to steer you away from powder foundation because not all powder foundations are awful it's a totally new topic in how you want to find the perfect powder foundation. (That's also a totally different topic, let me know if you want me to write about that).

I'm going to share with you my top five beauty guru hacks on how you can make your skin look dewy. Beauty guru approved!

5. Coconut Oil is a fantastic oil everyone it does a lot more than just removing your makeup and moisturizing your skin, ladies. As we all know coconut oil solidifies when it's room temperature. Believe it or not dabbing a little on your brow bone, bridge of your nose or even your cheekbones adds a dewy and hydrated look to your skin. Don't worry, this isn't super oily either - promise.

MORE : The Benefits of Coconut Oil

4. Before you go tossing that lip balm that you found in an old purse, save it! Lip balms are super moisturizing and loaded with a lot of great oils. Rub some lip balm onto the tips of your fingers and press them onto the apples of your cheeks. This will adds a natural flush to the skin which replicates a tinted glow.

3.  There's two ways to try this trick of course, I'll tell you the best method. So grab a liquid highlighter, doesn't have to be expensive, and apply the highlighter before foundation with a stippling brush. Or, this is the best method by the way, mix a highlighter and your foundation together and ka-boom your foundation, and your face, now have radiance.

2. A beauty guru hack! If you don't actually have a highlighter it's fine just grab some shimmery eye shadow and a fluffy brush. Keep in mind you want something that's either gold, gold beige, peach or white to use, depending on your complexion. Applying eye shadow will add the same effect as a highlighter and no one will know you actually used a eye shadow to highlight.

1. Apply your makeup with a damp beauty sponge, the real techniques sponge is literally perfect. Use a setting spray with rosewater along with, literally a dot of oil onto the sponge, and press the flat side into the skin. This will give your skin a pretty damn awesome dynamic trio dewy, hydrated and airbrushed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Journey of Natural to Relaxed Hair!

This is a debate of mine that has been running through my mind for years. The hesitation of should I or should I not taunted my mind literally for years. If you have been following me for the many many years I've actually been on the internet then you know, I've changed my hair just about everyday or, what seems like every second. All of that change comes from pure boredom, that's it.

I've cut my hair to only make myself look like a girl trying to be a guy, I've shaved my sides and left a handful of hair on the top of my head, I wore a big curly wig and styled it to look like a curly bob and I've wigged it up a handful of times after that. I've done so many different things to my hair I can't even keep track anymore. Out of all those hairstyles I've narrowed it down to one decision. I love Raven more with straight hair. Which means, Raven doesn't want to be natural anymore therefore, Raven's getting a perm because she's done with the naps and the super tight coils. This decision literally took me years to figure out because I do love my braids and other natural styles. I just hate what's actually underneath of that, NAPS!

Now just in case you haven't been following me and you're new to my blogs and such, take a sec and travel down memory lane.

For years I've done this and that to my hair with the hopes of staying with one style consistently. With my track record I just knew that wasn't going to work with me. However, I actually did find a style that I was able to consistently keep. The faux dreads/braids and shaved sides, by the way, the septum is fake. Here's what I actually liked about the style, the maintenance was easy, the hair jewelery gave me life and my high bun realness was back in full effect. Yas.

Now with all these fun styles why am I actually giving up on being natural? Let me tell you the original reason why I went natural to begin with. The answers very simple because I wanted to loc my hair. Thankfully I didn't stick with the plan because I knew I would probably get bored. Like I mentioned earlier me sticking with one style is like Beyonce driving the same car everyday, just doesn't happen. I'm going back to relaxed because I actually prefer straight hair on me and I love that look much better than the natural look. Out of my, I don't know actually, maybe... six years of being natural I'm calling it quits! To be honest I don't think I ever really enjoyed being natural and I really don't like dealing with my real hair anyway. So, I'm going back to relaxed.

What are your thoughts on natural hair vs relaxed hair? How long have you been natural and would you ever consider going back to the world of creamy crack? Or, have you been natural and now you're back to relaxed. Let's talk about this in the comment section because I'm curious to know your thoughts. Love you guys! xx

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Losing my Virginity + Being Celibate!

So as you can see by the title of this blog we're going to be talking about sex and my experience when it came to losing my virginity. Granted, this topic is something that's very personal but I went on snapchat and asked you guys would you be interested in knowing my story. I got a lot of mixed reviews but, ultimately, I still wanted to share this with you all so I am.

Let's not waste anytime here and let's talk about it!

So for 25, super long to me NOW, years I held onto my v-card and kept it locked up. I had my first boyfriend in the beginning of this year and at the time things were running as smooth as butter. Originally, I wanted to wait until marriage and I waited for as long as I could until I realized I didn't want to wait anymore. I believe since I'm 25 now, I'm also at my highest sexual peak, like ever! Mind you I've been watching porn forever so I just always found sex extremely fascinating. I saw it as this magical expereince and something that was out of this world. Honey, okay?!

Now listen, losing my virginity to my boyfriend at the time was the most magical moment and let me tell you why! By the way, I'm not giving any details, I mean, we all understand how sex works. But let me tell you why I'm glad he took my v-card! My boyfriend, at the time, respected the fact that I was a virgin during the first six months of us dating. (He was also a family friend so I've known of him for longer than six months.) He waited patiently prior and never pressured me until I was fully ready to have sex with him. When that moment finally came, he treated me differently than any other guy who I've ever dated in my entire life! He treated me like I was cherished and like I was a prize possession. That's what makes the first experience magical. I lost my virginity to someone who deeply cared about me and someone who was patient.

Okay so let's actually talk about sex for a second. So sex is a million times better when it's with someone you have a connection with because it's a lot more fulfilling and passionate. However, it's really important to have that established prior because you want to make sure your person of interest has that mutual connection with you too. Trust me girl, you'll know when you have that and it's the best feeling in the world when it's mutual. My God! And listen, sometimes you'll feel that feeling right off the bat and sometimes it takes a while, chemistry has no estimated time of arrival. Which leads me to this point I know I have a wide range of readers. Some of you are teenagers, some are 20-26 and some of you are older than me. If you are still holding onto your v-card hold onto it for as long as you can please. Everyone doesn't get that magical experience the first time around. I took my time, I waited and I'm happy to this day to have shared my very first time with him.

Now that I've expressed how truly amazing sex is let me briefly explain why I'm choosing to be celibate right now. I'm actually not dying, I mean some days I do want to die but I'm still here. I'm choosing to be celibate because I'm a single girl again for one. Secondly, I also believe when you build the power within your vagina you seriously become a stronger woman! I seriously feel like I'm badass mhmm since making the choice to become celibate. 

Since I've been single I've dated other people here and there and let me tell you how much easier it is to filter through these men when you are celibate. There's a lot of men out there that just wanted pussy fresh off the press and that guilt you'll feel after giving in is tough to cope! It's one of the worst feelings, so I hear, you'll feel extremely violated. A real man will appreciate your celibacy and will wait for you, or even with you, because you'll be someone worth waiting for, and you are. And not only because you're worth waiting for but also because you are respected. There's a lot of men out there who actually still respect women, they can be hard to find, but they're out there somewhere. When you find a bunch of them let me know where they be hidin' at! haha.

I hope this post helps some of you women out here. Like I said previously this is something that is personal to me. I wanted to share this post with you all because I know there's women out there who experienced what I have and I want to help someone out there. I know there's women out there that wont' reach out for advice or help - that's why I wrote this post. This is for all my ladies. Love you guys! xx

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This is One BADASS Maxi Dress!

When one of your favorite brands to work with allows you to SLAY then, you SLAY! I'm such a huge fan of Pinkclubwear's selection when it comes to plus size clothing and I highly recommend you guys check them out too! Every plusie should feel beautiful!

This two piece set is a total dream and I adore everything about it!

Similar Maxi Dress - PINKCLUBWEAR Grey Two Piece Crop & Skirt PINKCLUBWEAR , Shoes(TAN) - JUSTFAB,  Shoes(BLACK) TORRID, Bag - TARGET

Photography: Kris Will Photography

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'm cleansing with Micellar Cleansing Water!

I really don't know why I haven't tried this product sooner. Everyone's raving about this product online and on youtube so I decided to give it a try. I honestly have to say at first, I wasn't sure what the difference was between the blue and the pink bottle. Being that I'm a lover of pink, I picked up the pink one. But just so you know, the blue top is for waterproof makeup removal, k?!
Being that my skin is extremely sensitive I have to be careful what I chose to put on my skin. I've noticed that my skin hates alcohol so this product was super eye catching for me. This cleansing water has Micellar technology, meaning that the micelles grab makeup, oil and dirt like a magnet!

This cleansing water makes makeup removal a breeze without harsh rubbing. All you'll need is a cotton round, the cleanser and you're ready to roll. As soon as I started using it I noticed how quickly it removed my makeup and it even removed my Benefit mascara which can be hard to remove. The Micellar water has a very gentle cleansing formula and it doesn't make my skin feel srtipped or super dry. My skin actually felt refreshed and rejuvinated after use. In my own opinion, this cleanser isn't enough for me for just a one step clean. I still like to use my own facial cleanser just to make sure everything is completely off my face. However, I will say this cleanser is a great first step cleanser and it makes second step cleansing a much quicker process.

I highly recommend that try this product and you can get yours here. You'll love it just as much as I do!

*This post is NOT sponsored*

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Is How Long You Should be Holding on to Your Makeup

I'm totally guilty of holding onto items for longer than I really should. Just the other day I noticed I had the same tube of better than sex mascara and that mascara launched in 2013. It's been three years...that's when you know you have a problem.

If you didn't know your makeup expires and typically when it's about to expire it's labeled at the bottom of the packaging. Typically. If you don't see a date you should see a tiny jar with a number on it, that's how long you should keep the product on your shelf. No matter how much you spend on a product it's going to go bad and there's no way to avoid that.

Here's your guide to know when to toss your makeup, properly.

After Three Months

Did you know that mascara should be tossed after three months? If you use it everyday then it should be gone by then. Mascara and liquid liners are a great place where bacteria begin to form and they form right by the applicator. So as much as you love your favorite Urban Decay mascara you need to let it go after a three months, it's not worth getting an eye infection over. Any makeup that applies around your eyes have a way shorter lifespan to begin with.

After Six Months

Toss your creme shadows and liners. That's right ditch them. However, if you sharpen your liners after you use them every time disregard tossing them because you can keep them a little while longer.

 After 6 to 12 Months

Any makeup that requires you to use your finger for application, creme blush, creme foundation and even lip balms need to go at this point. If you're pondering on why just simply remember how you apply these products. You apply them with your fingers. Bacteria from your hands can be transferred into the product which can cause breakouts, clogged pores or skin irritation. Gross!

After a Year

Your foundations and concealers should be ready to part by now. Make note of any weird smells or and product separation. On average, most of your makeup is water based so the liquid and pigment will separate. Also, any shadow sticks or retractable liners should be gone by now, too. After two years your lipsticks should be starting to go as well. If you're getting close to year two on your favorite lipstick start wearing that bad boy now. Get that baby down to the nub and slay.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Foundation That's as Light As Water!

When I first saw this product I immediately was intrigued. I mean come on, a foundation that's as light as water, gimmie gimmie! When you get down to the nitty gritty of this product it's basically water with pigment. Like everyone else, I was thinking, how is this even going to last one my face considering how oily I can be?  Will it work with my skin?  So being the little guinea pig that I am, I gave in, purchased it and gave it a try! 

Initially I wasn't even sure how to apply this product. I was told to use a sponge for application or my bare hands (wasn't into that). So I actually decided to use my BareMinerals perfecting foundation brush because I thought that would be a lot easier for application. When I tried it for the first time I found that the product went into the brush and it didn't sit on the top.

The color that I'm using is dark and it's the darkest color to date for Smashbox BB Water. It fits my complexion perfectly! I have found that is does last all day and doesn't transfer as much! I do however set my look with my Mac Studiofix powder in NC50. I highly recommend trying this foundation for your own liking.

What foundation do you wear?